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This is a collection of usefull software I think everyone should have on hand. It includes web browsers, compression utilities and security applications.

Operating Systems

  • Fedora
    This is a great replacment for windows. It's free, stable full of features and supported by millions of users and thousands of developers. With free software that replaces Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer and Outlook, there is no reason to be tied to software that cost money. Plus you can install it as many times as you want!

Web Browsers

  • Mozilla FireFox
    My preference in browsers just because of its ability to include plugins, preferences and security options.

  • Google Chrome
    Googles attempt at a browser. It's super fast.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
    This is what most people use, though its by far the worst browser in terms of speed, quality and rendering.


  • NaviCat
    This has to be the best database utility for windows hands down. Its great for MySQL and other databases and OK for MSSQL.

  • NuSphere PHPED
    A great language for php editing. The best menu systems, autocomplete and smart sync. I've used dozens of editors and this hands down is my favorate.

  • Firebug
    The best firefox plugin for debuging webpages/javascript ever made.

  • Firefox PHP DebugBar
    This tool allows you to step through your PHP code just like it was javascript. Seeing the variables server state and much more. It includes profiling options as well.


  • WinSCP
    A file transfer client that does ftp,sftp and scp with a norton commander style interface.

  • 7Zip
    One of the best file compression applications out there, with the added feature of using many different algorythms. It doesnt get stuck on long filenames or paths like winrar or winzip.