System Monitoring and Patching network monitoring

It is essential to the success of you business, regardless of its size, to have a reliable IT infrastructure.

With system monitoring we:

  • Examine your systems first by a person, and install tailored monitoring tools.
  • Your system is then monitored during the day by a person who carefully watches the trends of data comming from your systems.
  • Human monitoring is then reinforced with an automated set of robust reporting tools, that report to both you and us.
  • Weekly visits are scheduled with you to help us keep in touch of what's going on in your IT department.
  • Critical updates to your software and firmware are examined weekly and implimented if you desire.

This way we find potential errors, evaluate these and inform you early on, if needed, before problems arise. This advanced technique improves the performance of your systems. Proactive action can identify and solve most problems before they escalate.

The advantages of System Monitoring

  • Increase in IT availability
  • Detection of weak spots
  • Reduction of down time
  • Reduction of the follow-up costs of down times through precise diagnostics
  • Lowering of IT operation costs
  • Flexible and efficient alarm and notification system
  • Forward looking planning made possible by trend analysis

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